EBZ Business College: The EBZ Business School University of Aplied Sciences received its approval in October in 2008 as a state recognized

she has its headquarters in Bochum and also a study center in Hamburg

It can be situated within the coagulation with the private foundation with the European Education Center in the Housing and Immobilienwirtschaft (EBZ). Additional Tragers are the GDW Federal Association of German housing and actual estate businesses, the association on the housing sector Rhineland Westphalia as well as the Federal Association of Absolutely free True Estate and Housing companies. In the University paraphrase the sentence of Applied Sciences, students can study organization administration and Actual Estate, both of which end with all the conclusion of a Bachelor of Arts , too as studying the master’s program True Estate Management. The study guests offered are studied within the kind of dual research. The home, the study is supplied instruction or extra-occupational. Studying is represented by a close integration of theoretical and qualified elements.

The EBZ Small business College Stop a series of scholarships prepared for students. The scholarships are partly funded by the Tragers from the University of Applied Sciences and, alternatively, a part of cooperations with local and regional employers.nen to a state and internationally recognized university degree, might be obtained at EBZ Company College much more interim monetary statements.

The University of Applied Sciences presents compact study gangs in the field of personnel management

in the winter semester 2011/12 studied 403 students in the University of Applied Sciences. The https://www.paraphrasingonline.com/ tribe in the full-time university teachers is supplemented by pros from the practice of the actual estate sector and economics, to ensure that a sensible studies might be ensured at the University of Applied Sciences. In the university, the Institute for Housing, True Estate, City and Regional Improvement (INWIS) is In cooperation together with the Ruhr-University, mainly standard study operates in the priorities talked about.

Studies take location within a contemporary and great atmosphere. The building complicated from the University of Applied Sciences was awarded the architectural prize in the Federal Association of German Architects. Given that there is certainly an vital part of http://admissions.temple.edu/visit/group-tours the study from e-learning provides, can be discovered on the campus WLAN hotspots and computer workroom. The University of Applied Sciences have a guest residence with 112 contemporary equipped rooms, which could be used both by students and conference gases. Duty and participation is going to be high inside the EBZ Business School Gro? written. Thus, the University of Applied Sciences in the type of a student parliament within the kind of a student parliament and binds the students in other university bodies into the administration from the University of Applied Sciences a

for the students and unshielded holders the University of Applied Sciences an comprehensive library with a stock of About 14,000 bands and 85 magazine subscriptions and access to quite a few databases. The library sees itself because the central info center in true estate business and economics.